As a specialized third-party ship management company under Seacon Shipping Group, Seacon Ships Management Co., Ltd. is currently a leading third-party ship management company in China, managing 156 ships of various types.

The Company and the ships under its management have been commended by relevant departments for many times in recent years. Many ships have been rated as “National Outstanding Ships in Water Transport System Safety” and “Excellent Collective in Ship Safety Production Competition” by the Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China, Chinese Seamen & Construction Workers’ Union and Liberia Flag State. The Company was rated as the only “Best Ship Management Company” in China Maritime Day Activities in 2018; The ship “SEACON Victory” managed by the Company was awarded the glorious title of “National Worker Pioneer” by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions in 2021.

The Company has been committed to upgrading the intelligent ship management system, empowering the ship management business with scientific and technological means, effectively managing the whole life cycle and business chain of ships through software and paperless methods, and making the management more scientific, convenient, environmentally friendly and reliable.

At present, Seacon has obtained various safety management compliance certificates (DOC) issued by China Maritime Safety Administration and classification societies. The managed flags include China Five Star Flag, Panama Flag, Marshall Flag, Liberia Flag, Singapore Flag, Hong Kong Flag and many other flags. The managed ship types cover dry bulk carriers, oil tankers, chemical carriers, passenger ships, general cargo ships, timber ships, multi-purpose ships, container ships, public service ships, offshore vessels, gas carriers (LNG/LPG), special cargo ships and other ships.

The Company has a strong professional technical management team, with senior captains, chief engineers and marine surveyors as ship management personnel, all of whom have are served well-known shipping enterprises or maritime institutions at home and abroad and have rich experience in navigation and ship management. Currently, the Company has more than 100 senior executives and a strong technical team, providing powerful shore-based guarantee for solving various management problems.

As a Class A crew service organization and seafarers’ assignment organization approved by the Ministry of Transport, the crew management company under the Group is committed to seafarers’ staffing management business, with more than 4,500 seafarers managed currently. We believe that the first-class crew is the foundation of enterprise success, thus the Company has always attached great importance to the recruitment and training of crew. Currently, the Company has crew recruitment and training bases in many places in China, Myanmar, Vietnam, the Philippines and other places.

The shipbuilding supervision company under the Group provides customers with professional one-stop services for supervision, drawing review and consultation of newly-built ships and modified ships, including the whole chain support from initial feasibility analysis to post-operation evaluation. Our professional team members once served as chief surveyors of international classification societies, senior chief engineers of ocean shipping, senior engineers of shipyards and professional paint service providers. Currently, the Company supervises the building of more than 76 ships, including bulk carriers, container ships, multi-purpose ships, oil tankers, chemical ships, scientific research ships and other ships.

As a professional purchasing and supply platform under the Company, Seacon Ship Purchasing Center is mainly responsible for the supply of spare parts, materials, meals, paints, lubricating oils, chemicals, navigation books and materials of the entire fleet, as well as ship repair and inspection business. The platform is open to shipowners for sharing and provides value-added services for shipowners through the advantages of large-scale procurement.

The Company has a professional maritime insurance team and maintains long-term good cooperative relations with many insurance companies and shipowners’ mutual insurance associations. The Insurance Commerce Department can provide value-added legal and technical support for shipowners, follow up claim settlement throughout the whole process, and help customers manage risks more scientifically and effectively.

The Company attaches great importance to scientific and efficient management means, advocates environmental protection management mode, actively practices the national strategy of peaking carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality, and pursues the goals of ensuring safety, improving ship condition, reducing costs, maintaining and increasing the value of ships by various measures, such as large-scale procurement, purchase by invitation to bid, and fuel and energy saving. The Company will continue adhering to the management concept of “management creates value”, providing safe, efficient, considerate and reliable “one-stop” ship management services for global customers.

We provide “One-Stop" ship management services: