Being Chinese owners and managers of about 150 ocean trading vessels repaired exclusively in China and utilizing all this experience and high rank contacts with Chinese shipyards we can recommend/represent a number of most reliable Chinese Shipyards, dry docks and repair companies in China that can carry out regular and emergency repairs, general maintenance and technical services. We can help the ship owners to find the right ship repair yards in China where repairs are performed at most competitive prices by experts.
We can offer husbandry and agency services to your ships during their dry docking at Chinese Ship Repair Yards.
Presently we are the only Greek ultrasonic thickness measurement company with licence to operate in China.
Using Seacon Star Marine Consultant Pte. Ltd. as your shipyard agent will save your time and minimize your costs.
Project Management – Dry Docking and Repairs
Provide services for all types of vessel dry docking and repair regular and emergency (More than 30 drydocks for Greek Owners in 2020).
Dry Dock and Repair Specifications
Planning Yard Schedules and Shipyard Evaluation/Selection
Execution and Management of Yard Activities
Cost Negotiation with Shipyard
Daily Compilation of Reports